About Us

Kitchen Essentials opened it’s doors on July 20, 2013.  Drawing upon her love of cooking, and valuable skill set developed throughout her career, Becki Bryson was ready to put it all to work in starting her own business.  She identified a need in the Russellville community, and thus was born Kitchen Essentials.

Of course there was more involved then just identifying a need.  Becki and her husband Clayton regularly found themselves shopping in outlying communities for the perfect kitchen appliances and gadgets. Seeing the opportunity for an untapped market with great potential she and her family began the research stage of the business planning.

Becki and Clayton began the necessary research. Becki reminisced describing the process and saying, “everything just started falling into place.” Becki’s family played a crucial role in supporting and helping her on this endeavor. Her husband, Clayton, assistant plant manager at Stella-Jones walked with her throughout the stages and supports her and her vision every step of the way. Her two sons Zac, general manager at Oak Tree Bistro and Zayne, a sophomore at Arkansas Tech, have been instrumental and encouraging throughout the journey.

But this adventure is just getting started for Becki and Kitchen Essentials. The Kitchen Essentials staff are taking the time to do the research and product knowledge to give customers the best help available.

So even if you aren’t in the market for any specific kitchen item, come by Kitchen Essentials to see what products are available. Kitchen Essentials also offers wedding registries, wish list, and birthday registries to help guest know exactly what to get you for any special occasion.

Kitchen Essentials has everything you need to meet your kitchen needs.